Postdoctoral Fellows conduct research and prepare the results for presentation in peer-reviewed journals and at the annual IC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Colloquium. Postdoctoral Fellows must be U.S. citizens; must be associated with a domestic accredited U.S. university, college, or selected U.S. Government Laboratory; and must have completed their Ph.D. by the time of award. For additional information, see the Program Call page.

Requirements to Apply:
Must be a U.S. citizen;
Must be associated with an accredited U.S. university, college, or research laboratory; and,
Ph.D. must be completed within the past five years and before starting the IC Fellowship.
Click Here: Example for Submitting a Research Proposal

 Program Requirements:
Conduct two years of research on the awarded topic;
Publish annually; and,
Present results at the annual Colloquium.
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